• The Concept Of Lauh Mahfuz

    Lauh Mahfuz = The Master of Rule

    This nature works on a rule that has been predefined long before the creation.
    As explained in hadits Nur Muhammad, this rule was applied to Nur Muhammad and took time procession about 70,000 years. This rule is a format with huge parameters. These parameters work on every substance in this universe. Every substance has its own parameters, and these parameters will be the limit of every substance to interact each other.
    Nature like plants and animals, each of them have their own limit parameters, they will not be able to free themselves from this rule. Plants will grow old and decompose. Animals will grow old and dead. Lion will not be able to fly like a bird, water will not be able to be like  the soil, there are many examples shown by the nature to us about this phenomenon. This rule will last forever and untouchable.
    Human become old and dead because of this rule, woman become pregnant and has a baby because of this rule, a baby become grow old because of this rule.
    The stars like the sun, it raise in the morning and fade in the evening because of this rule, planets, solar systems, galaxies and nebulas become as what we see because of this rule. Every piece of these creations has their own parameters and each of this parameter works under the limit of the Master Rule.

    The Master Rule of this Universe is in the hands of God and God gave this rule to Nur Muhammad ( it could be The Holy Spirit ) to be applied as the Master Rule of every creation.

    Hijab as explained in the early article is part of this Master Rule. And there are more parts like Hijab such as Qalam,Sijjin and Illiyyin. Hijab,Qalam,Sijjin and Illiyiin are specific rules explained to human to be understood. Qalam, Sijjin and Illiyyin will be explained in the next articles.

    Lauh Mahfuz in Qur'an :
    Quran : 85 : 20-22
    God surrounded them from behind : 20
    They have defied the great Qur'an : 21
    Which was from Lauh Mahfuz : 22

    Noted : in the words of "God surrounded them from behind", this means God surrounded them with its rule.

    The explanations of Lauh Mahfuz :
    Please, see these : ( Qur'an : 10 : 61), ( Qur'an : 11 : 6 ), ( Qur'an : 30 : 39 ), and many more.
    The name of Lauh Mahfuz as the Master of Rule denoted on Qur'an : 30 : 39. The Master Book or Lauh Mahfuz  in this ayat means The Master of Rule.

    God made this universe in a single rule, The Master of Rule, Lauh Mahfuz.

    Why Lauh Mahfuz is called as a book ?...is it really a book ?...
    Book is a simple image that could be easily understood by most of human.
    The real form of this book could be beyond our imagination. What kind of book that could preserve huge parameters ?... this parameters is in universe scale. This could be not as simple as a book.

    The example of this book image is most likely as computer operating system. As we knew that computer OS is the place of The Master Rule in Computer System. Every piece of the program in computer system has its own parameter. These parameters are under control by OS. There is no program allow to break the predefined rule on the Operating System. All pieces of the computer program must work under the predefined rule on the OS. This is the image of the book called as The Master of Book or Lauh Mahfuz.

    Lauh Mahfuz is a kind of Computer OS, and the User Administrator is Nur Muhammad ( or it could be The Holy Spirit ). God is a creator, not as a kind of User Admin in this case.

    Note :

    Hijab in the Master of Rule, Hijab is specifically as part of The Master of Rule which is contained of all limitation parameters.

    Sijjin and Illiyyin are kind of log file in Computer System. Sijjin contain the records of bad behavior and Illiyyin contain the records of good behavior.

    What about Qalam ?.. Qalam is a rule which contain parameters which are outside of the Master of Rule. This rule belongs to System Administrator, in this case System Administrator is Nur Muhammad. There is a time where this ultra automatic system of this universe interfered by outside rule. This outside rule called as Qalam.
    Qalam is form of God sentences, these sentences will be receive by Nur Muhammad to be applied on the  ultra automatic system of this universe.

    For example :
    When all parameters of the system of this universe indicate that the end of the world is come and unavoidable. There is nothing can stop this phenomenon except One, and that should be God. The world ( could be the Earth or this solar system )will end if there is no interference to the system of this universe. Sometimes God will show its mercy and wisdom. And this become the time when God interfere in the system of this universe. The world will not end or to be postpone for periods time which is unknown. This is the function of Qalam. Qalam is God interference in the ultra automatic system of this universe. God possibly interfere directly or only order Nur Muhammad to apply its wisdom. Nur Muhammad is the keeper of this universe system, it will not interfere on the system by using outside rule ( the rule outside of The Master Rule ). Nur Muhammad only uses The Master of Rule, including Hijab,Sijjin and Illiyyin which are part of The Master Of Rule, Lauh Mahfuz.

    Note :
    Angels are the second hands of God, Nur Muhammad is the first hands of God. Because of Nur Muhammad is the first hands of God, then the Angels will work not only under the command of God but also under the command of Nur Muhammad.

    Some people thought that lauh mahfuzh is being, it cannot be categorized as none being.
    It is depend on the concept we use. In Nur Muhammad concept, it has been explained that Atomic Substance is being. This concept also define that all creations are being, including a piece of dust, there is no exception. Because of all creations are being, then Lauh Mahfuz is being, automatically.
    What is difficult to us is the form of Lauh Mahfuz. I think that it will be better that we should not define Lauh Mahfuz as being in form of which is similar to human physical form, this should be avoided. There are many forms in this universe, only a few of them we already knew. Let Lauh Mahfuz be the part of this universe mysteries. And let us follow the rule of God.

    Note :
    The Concept of being, is very easy to explain. Supposed the computer in front of us is being, we do not need to push the keyboard by fingers to make it works for us. What we have to do is only to speak up of what we want to do with the computer then this clever thing will apply it.
    God has made substances like Nur and Atom as being, God only speak to them, and then they will work for God. Very simple.
    If God sentence us to be  a kind of Apes, then the atoms of our body will work, we will be transformed into apes.
    When God created the prophet of Adam, God sentence to the soil which has been shaped like a human statue. Then the atoms of this soil statue work and transforming the soil statue into human. This is the concept of human creation. Very simple to God.

    Do not act like God, if we speak to something like computer to make it work, I think someone else around us will suppose us as a crazy people.

    I think human technology will reach a state where human do not have to work manually to their technology devices anymore. Someday human will only speak to their techno devices and it will be done. And I hope that human will not proclaim their self as God when they reach the top of their techno. This could be the time where human technologies alive like a magic. No need to push the keyboard anymore, just speak and it's done!. The era of keyboard will end and replaced by voice. Human will follow how God works to its creations. Just sentences and all will be done.

    I hope this article will help.

    End of article.


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