• The Concept of Qalam

    Qalam = The Pen of God
    Qalam is a kind of God sentences which is not listed in The Master of Rule. The Master of Rule is a default rule. Qalam could be a kind of special attachments in The Master of Rule ( if we supposed The Master of Rule as a book ). This attachments will be applied by Nur Muhammad according to parameters which is ruled the attachments application.
    If the attachments ( The Pen of God ) parameters indicate to be applied, then Nur Muhammad will apply the attachments / The Pen as a special exception. We can say that Qalam is the exception rule of God or the interception of God to the default rule ( The Master of Rule or lauh Mahfuz ), this interception represents the wisdom of God or represents the Mercy of God.

    For example :
    If universe parameters indicate that the worlds ( could be the Earth only or the Solar System ) will end, Nur Muhammad will see on the attachments ( The Pen of God ), if it found indication on the attachments that should be applied when the universe parameters show specific value, Nur Muhammad will apply the exception. And "The End of The world" will be postponed in an unknown period of time.
    Sometimes God will interfere directly, God will works with Nur Muhammad to apply some exceptions to the universal rule ( Lauh Mahfuz or The Master of Rule ). Sometimes God apply some exceptions which are not listed yet in the attachments ( Qalam ) but this interference is part of Qalam portion . This is the wisdom of God that should not be avoided in the interpretation.

    When God works with Nur Muhammad, the sentences of God in Qur'an will say "Us" not "Me". This is because of God works together with Nur Muhammad. The words of  "Us" in Qur'an represent God and Nur Muhammad ( which could be The Holy Spirit ). And the words of “Me” represent God alone.
    As I said in the other article, God is personal. It should be noted that God should not be presumed as Human . Human consist of two gender, man and woman. God is single  unique creator. God has no gender. It is not wise to represent God as He or Him. God is not Man or Woman. God created Human in two different genders because Human should not be created one by one.

    The Name of Qalam in Qur'an and Hadits
    There is one sura in Qur'an called Al-Qalam. But there is no explanation of Qalam in a bit detail. The meaning of Qalam is pen. Pen could represent the words of God or the sentences of God which are not listed in The Master of Rule, Lauh Mahfuz.

    It could be many different interpretations regarding Qalam in Islam. Choose which one which would be acceptable by the concept that we surely follow.

    I hope this article will help.
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